Friday Faves: Post Round-up 6/30

It has been a busy, busy week!  I finally got to ride my horse on Monday, managed to make it to kickboxing on Tuesday, and I’ve met with one friend or another for lunch or breakfast every day this week! Thursday I subbed in summer school (man that’s easy money!), and now, it’s finally Friday!

friday faves 6/30

The Wired Educator Talks to Joy Kirr (podcast)

As I’ve mentioned, I’m reading Innovator’s Mindset by George Couros for PD and I’m loving it.  When I find something I love, I start searching for more related things I might love.  Which brought me to the book Shift This. I’m not ready to buy or read another book quite yet (my stack is TOO high!), but I did find this podcast from The Wired Educator.  In it, Kelly interviews Joy Kirr, the author of Shift This and I loved hearing about the changes Joy made in her classroom to move students toward deeper learning.  Plus, she shared her livebinder and it is FULL of great resources! Listen to the podcast and check out the resources!

Summer Reading List by Ms. Houser

I got some exciting news last week: next year I will be a half day instructional coach!  So, of course, I had to start finding resources everywhere. One blog kept popping up on Pinterest: the blog of Ms. Houser. She has a million resources for ICs, and even though a lot of hers is geared towards people working with younger grades, I think it will still translate.  This post is a list of books to check out this summer, and since I’m literally always adding to my reading list, I had to check it out and share it with you!

Understanding and Using Parallel Structure by Ali Luke on The Write Life

Now, I know what parallel structure is (you can’t always tell by my blog posts–haha!), but this could be useful for my students.  I’m always looking for new “real” resources to give them, and since this post is written for freelance writers, my kiddos can see that people other than high school students care about parallel structure too. Plus I can use some of her examples and such.

Hasthags to follow instagram by Kesley Hayes

I just started my blog IG account this month, and it has already grown so much.  Even better than that, I’ve connected with a ton of amazing educators AND found more blogs to read (yeah, because that’s what I need!). One of my favorite new resources is Kelsey Hayes. Her blog is so useful and she is super nice and helpful.  Check out this post to find hashtags to follow on Instagram.


Bonus: Hack Learning Anthology from Mark Barnes

This is an affiliate link, but it’s FREE for you! And I’m not sharing it because I’m affiliated, honestly, I’d share it anyway.  Have you read any of the Hack Learning books? Check out the list of them here.  I have about five of them, and I have taken something away to use in my classroom from each one.  This anthology is a collection of 9 hacks from other books in the series, all written by names you’ll recognize: Gerard Dawson, Jennifer Gonzalez, Starr Stackstein, Angela Stockman.


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