5 Excellent Resources for Teaching Poetry in Secondary English

I have slacked on teaching poetry this year. Big time. As in, we’ve barely even glanced at poetry.

I knew that had to change during these last few weeks of school, so I started doing some research. Thanks to Pinterest, Instagram, and the many blogs that I follow, I have found a plethora of awesome ideas! I thought for my day 4 of 7 posts, I would share what I’ve found.

poetry resources

Paired Text Analysis: Short Films + Poetry from Reading and Writing Haven

I love Melissa’s ideas for pairing poems and short films! Giving students a visual as part of their analysis just might help increase their engagement. I can’t wait to try this!!

Poetry Stations from Laura Randazzo

Here are some great station ideas for teaching poetry to older students. Ideas include blackout poetry, paint chip poetry, reversal, and more! These are ready to use–Laura has provided the how-tos and printable instructions for the stations!

Nonfiction Inspired Poetry from Reading and Writing Haven

Melissa is so awesome with poetry instruction(and so many other things!)–please check out her site! I love her idea for combining nonfiction and poetry, something I don’t often consider doing. I think this idea could work nicely with research from an essay, AoWs or other nonfiction your students might be studying.

13 Ways Pictures can Inspire Kids to Write Poetry from Reading and Writing Haven (again!!)

I definitely plan to try at least a couple of these ideas, including using a personal photograph to inspire a poem (they could use Snapchat or IG or something to get the picture), and using famous paintings (in my class, work from the Harlem Renaissance).

Instapoetry from MovingWriters.org

This is an excellent post from Moving Writers (of course!) about using Instagram Poets to encourage students to write poetry. There are resources to get started, plus a plan for moving through the process in true Moving Writers mentor text fashion!

There are SO many more, but quite honestly, I’m tired on this Wednesday night, so I’m going to call it a day!


Day 4 of 7 days of blogging in the books!  Thanks to an email from Gerard Dawson (who was inspired by Seth Godin), I was inspired to post every day for a week. Hopefully, this will get me out of my slump and maybe, just maybe, I’ll have a golden nugget of wisdom to share this week.

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