Best of Writing Instruction from Loudenclear Blog

Okay, so it’s day five of my seven-day writing challenge, and let’s just face it, I’m pooped. Haha! So, to make today easier on myself, I’m going to share my top four writing posts (and one from Cult of Pedagogy that I wrote!).

Top Writing Instruction Posts on Louden Clear in Education

best of writing

Writing Conferences: How and Why Teachers Should Use Them

I am a big believer in conferencing with student writers throughout the writing process. In this post, I explain why I think it is so important (and what benefits come from it), and–more importantly–how to fit conferences in and make them work!

How to Leverage Technology to Give Feedback to Students

Technology has made giving feedback throughout the writing process so much easier. In this post, I share what technology I use to give feedback during and after writing.

How CSI Helps Students Organize Their Paragraphs 

I have found a good balance between superstructure (CSI) and structureless (mentor texts) when teaching writing.  This year I’ve loved having students write “formal” essays using the CSI paragraph structure and more “real world” writing in the form of reviews, open letters, and college application essays.  In this post, I share the CSI format and how it works in my class.

Delaying the Grade: How to Get Students to Read Feedback

In this post, I share how I withhold grades from students until they reflect on my feedback and have a conference with me. I have gotten a lot of GREAT feedback from this post on Cult of Pedagogy!

Using GAFE to Delay the Grade 

This is a guest post from Chris Miller where he explains how he uses Google Apps for Education to delay the grade (inspired my post on Cult of Pedagogy).


Day 5 of 7 days of blogging in the books!  Thanks to an email from Gerard Dawson (who was inspired by Seth Godin), I was inspired to post every day for a week. Hopefully, this will get me out of my slump and maybe, just maybe, I’ll have a golden nugget of wisdom to share this week.

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