This morning I got my usual Sunday morning email from Teaching the Core author, Dave Stuart Jr. (@davestuartjr) and I laid in bed reading it, as I do most Sunday mornings as I struggle to get myself out of bed. Today's post was about gratitude and it really struck me.  Last week I wrote about … Continue reading Gratitude


I hate resolutions. I know I'm not alone.  It's hard to resist the temptation of making goals and plans at the beginning of a new year.  After all, we're all excited about the possibilities that a new year represents a new you, right? Well, I resist.  Or I try to.  This is why I like … Continue reading Cultivate

Disappointing Sandals Debacle–Updated–>No longer disappointed. :)

**Update 6/2- Spoke with Jessica. She was incredibly helpful, apologetic and fixed all of our problems!  She was as confused as I was about what had happened, and was happy to get us the room we originally booked on the new dates (so we could get the cheaper flights). She offered to upgrade us, but … Continue reading Disappointing Sandals Debacle–Updated–>No longer disappointed. 🙂