Tonight is graduation night for the Class of 2014 at HHS. Even though graduation for a school the size of ours is long, I really enjoy sitting through it.  I get a little inkling of the feeling I had on that day of celebration 13 years ago from high school (holy crap) and 8 years … Continue reading Graduation

Grading Essays

On Saturday I graded twenty seven English 11 essays.  Twenty. Seven.  That's a crazy high number of essays but as the year is wrapping up, I need to get a lot accomplished so I went into crazy efficient grading mode.  Anyway, here are some thoughts and questions that have been going through my head as … Continue reading Grading Essays

EdCamp ELA

A couple weeks ago I attended my third Edcamp.  If you are a teacher and don't know what that is, you're missing out.  Edcamp is an "unconference", which is a a conference with no set schedule or presenters.  Sounds crazy?  It isn't.  It's awesome.  You show up and enjoy some breakfast and then as educators … Continue reading EdCamp ELA