Friday Faves 8/11: Back to School Resource Round-up

I have now been back to school with students for three days. Needless to say, I’m exhausted.  I’m ready for the weekend (and maybe a drink!), but unfortunately we are packing up our house this weekend, so there’s a lot to do.

I thought since so many teachers are headed back to school, I’d do a round-up of my favorite back to school resources and articles.  Hopefully you can find something to use or something that sparks a new idea!  Next week I’ll write about what I did for the first three days (it’s been fun!).

Starting the School Year with #Iwishmyteacherknew from Adam Schoenbart

I’m sure you’ve seen this idea around; I know I have, and I love it!  Adam shares some examples from a question he put on his student survey, which made me go back and change the survey I’ll be sending out.  My ESL colleague and co-teacher, Mollie had her students do this at the end of the year, and the responses were so great! You can read them here–so sweet!

Icebreakers that Rock from Cult of Pedagogy

Jennifer offers several great ideas for easy and fun icebreakers.  I know that some teachers don’t like to start with icebreakers, but I think she offers some that are more entertaining.  They’re also easy to implement and I think the kids will enjoy them.  What do you do?

9 Back to School Teacher Hacks from The Secondary English Coffee Shop

I love this post.  It’s super quick and these ladies offer 9 tips you can easily use to make life go more smoothly when you get back to school.  I love tip #1 and #7.  I write notes to all my students at the end of the year, but I love the idea of having notes on hand and giving them periodically.  And color coding? I mean, come on! Big ol’ yes!!

Start and Stay Organized: 5 Tech Tips to Start the School year from Adam Schoenbart

It is SO important to start the year off organized! I love these ideas from Adam about getting your technology in order.  I color code all of my folders and grey out folders from past years so I barely even notice them.  I have tried harder to make more of an organized space for myself this year, too; however, I float out of my room for most of the day when I’m not teaching, so I am still creating a system to keep up productivity when I leave my classroom space (any ideas out there?).  Thankfully, since my tech is pretty organized, I can just pop open my computer and get back to work from space to space.  Adam’s got some extra tips I’m definitely going to put into place!

Non-cheesy Ice Breakers for the First Day of School from Laura Randazzo

Laura breaks down her first day into steps, so if you’re really struggling, read this post and you’ll be ready!

Good luck, everyone!

My past posts that might help you get ready, too!

Check out my Instagram to see a couple other procedures I’ve put into place this year!


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