Friday Faves (Finally): Getting Organized

Happy Fall, y’all!  (I just happened to make today’s image in a fall theme before I even realized it’s the first day of fall! It was meant to be!)

This week I wrote a post about how I finally got organized this school year (took me long enough! Sheesh).  So I thought I’d share some more organizational and productivity hacks that you might want to check out.

getting organized

50 Productivity Tips to Boost your Brain Power

This is a great list with an infographic that breaks down a lot of ways to boost your productivity. You know many of them already–exercise, for example–but I’d bet that you, like me, don’t take advantage of them to improve your efficiency.

Organize your Time with Google Calendar

Jennifer put together a post (and video) to show how teachers can utilize Google Calendar to organize your time. She goes into a lot of detail about how to use Calendar, create events, view your schedule, etc. If you’re new to Calendar, check it out for sure!

All of these posts from Cornerstone for Teachers:

If you don’t know about Angela Watson, you’re missing out. She is the guru of teacher organization and efficiency. If you’ve ever thought you needed some help, you might consider joining her 40 Hour Teacher Workweek Club (it opens twice a year).

How to Move out of the Trap of Day by Day Lesson Planning

Oh. my. gosh. This is my biggest problem right here. I have plans on plans on plans, yet everyday I’m planning. How is that even possible? Angela provides a detailed list of ideas to fix this problem. She breaks down all the steps you need to take to get out of the planning black hole.

12 Secrets of Teachers who Trimmed 10+ Hours Off their Workweek

This is a great list of tips to work more efficiently as a teachers. I especially love the point about batching work, not reinventing the wheel all the time (seriously my biggest downfall), and planning more efficiently.

How to be a Connected Educator and Still Find Balance with Social Media

I don’t know about you, but I find social media very helpful as an educator. I get so many amazing ideas from Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. Plus I get to connect with amazing educators around the world. But. All of this connectedness means I spend a lot of time on social media.  Angela offers tips and ideas about how to ease yourself away from spending too much time on social media. I find a lot of her ideas helpful (and I find Freedom helpful too).

The Simplest Way to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed and Overscheduled 

I don’t know about you, but I feel overwhelmed about 95% of the time; however, I know this is mostly my own fault. As much as I love and appreciate (and expect) efficiency, I can’t seem to get my system under control (although, as I wrote about this week, it’s getting better).  In this post, Angela provides a lot of ideas for this problem, and I think you’ll find something useful here!


Finally, a post about home organization

Paper Organization 101: The Sunday Basket

I’m excited to try this method for keeping the paper (and everything else) craziness under control at home. I plan to start this process when we move into our house (in about 41 days-hopefully) because it gets crazy during the week.

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